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the artist

       Jill Allyn Stafford is a collage and mixed media artist based out of Sacramento, California. Jill’s experimentation with collage as an art form began as a way to fashion new stories from images she found in magazines and books. Taking them from one environment and throwing them into a new one has allowed Jill to express conflict, love, humor and loss.

     Jill currently creates work using not only found paper, but also photographs she’s taken, stamps, envelopes, and vintage papers saved in her family for generations. She has also found a love in creating depth and multiple textures in each piece, utilizing crushed chalk pastels, tissue paper, newsprint, modeling paste extender, and pumice gel medium among other things.

    Jill believes strongly that her art should not only be viewed but touched.

    In addition to making art, Jill is a full-time paralegal and teaches collage classes.  Jill shares a studio in Studio 4 in the ARTHOUSE Gallery & Studios in Sacramento. Jill was a board member of 916 INK, and also helped form, and at one point served, as the volunteer artistic director of the nonprofit arts group Vox Sacramento.

Please contact Jill if you have any questions about her art, or about taking collage classes.

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